BASSETT is a Los Angeles based band featuring frontman Josh Bassett. The sound is undeniably rock, but features moods and textures that push the sound into fresh territoRy. Currently unreleased, the new EP was recently recorded with producer Rocco Guarino (Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots) and bassist Corey McCormick (Chris Cornell, Neil Young).

Josh's guitar virtuosity is downplayed in this latest release, making way for melody and emotion that connect with the listener on a visceral level. bassett's vibe is reminiscent of rock's cornerstone artists, yet remains unique to itself.


"Bassett is refreshingly unique in a world where so many indie bands sound the same."


"...a transcendental experience of lush grooves, melodic vibes, and tribal mood. It makes for a mesmerizing experience."


"...desert-baked psychedelic blues and trippy folk excursions, perfect for your next journey into the DESERT wilderness."


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