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Ghost Hwy




Vanishing Album - Josh Bassett

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Vanishing Album - Josh Bassett
CD Baby - Josh Bassett
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Thank you for 10,000 views on the Ghost Hwy video so far!

Here is our Hip Spotlight Interview giving you some details behind creating the video!


Check out this new interview feature from This Is The Latest! 
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*Album Release Party* Los Angeles area friends, join us in celebrating the release of our new album Ghost Hwy!

We have an eclectic full band set for you with some special guests.

Beautiful new T-Shirts, CD version of the album and other cool merch will be there for you! So will great vibes, live music and groovy people!

Bring yourself and some music loving friends! 10PM Saturday Dec 10
Molly Malone's // 575 S.Fairfax Ave 90036 // $10 cover, 21+

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Ghost Hwy

ghost hwy video premiere
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Ghost Hwy
away song premiere
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Ghost Hwy

Featured in JillyPopMusic
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Excited to do a series of East Coast Acoustic shows! Here are the dates:

Dec 23 - Gregory's Bar - Somers Point, NJ
Dec 27 - Rockwood Music Hall - New York City, NY
Dec 29 - Darcy's Tavern - Bradley Beach, NJ
Jan 2 - Boneyard AC - Atlantic City, NJ

Bassett has been performing at LA area clubs as a full band!

Here are some shots from The Viper Room, be sure to check out a show soon!

Steven Tyler and Bassett!

Had a blast of a backstage Aerosmith experience in my hometown of Atlantic City back in September! Shook hands and said hello to some of the legendary band members and had some great bonding moments with one of my personal musical hero's, Steven Tyler.

He is not only a legendary singer and musician but he has a huge heart of gold and he was so gracious and cool to us backstage, sharing stories, letting me thank him for his inspiration and sharing the rock and roll love!

He even trusted me with his iconic scarf draped mic to sing a chorus on 'Same Old Song and Dance'...He has changed my life numerous times before and he did it again this magical night!

Thank you for everything Steven, much love and light to you!

Introducing Tak on the Bass!
Met this cool kat Tak at a gig and immediately dug his mustache and his groovy bass playing. We joined forces and have been playing gigs and recording together and its been a lot of fun! Tak hails from Japan, but had lived in Dublin, Ireland for a while and considers himself Japanese-Irish. He's also a ramen-chef specialist on the side and a big foodie in general!
PS. Guinness beer is the way to his heart!

1st musicians to perform using the worlds 1st 3D Printed Guitars!
3D printing is a new technology on the rise in the design world. These are the worlds first 3D printed guitars, which we performed 2 songs with at a recent LA design event. We were invited to perform the event by my friend, genius renown designer Michael Schmidt, whose amazing 3D dress for Dita Von Teese was featured that night. also pictured is the lovely fashionista Annie Flanders! rrrrrocking it! for more info about 3D guitars click here: From Another Dimension: ODD 3-D-Printed Guitars | Guitar World

A year of 'Vanishing' live shows!
Its been a great year of live shows supporting 'Vanishing' all over the US, mainly hitting the southern California, Arizona, and New Jersey/New York City areas! Its been a blast spreading the music and meeting great people everywhere! Thank you all for the support!

Bassett performs a tribute to Elliott Smith in Silverlake!
On October 21st, 2003 the world tragically lost one of its most genius singer/songwriters, Elliott Smith. He left many brilliant moments behind that will live on forever. On the 10th anniversary of his passing Bassett paid his respects to Elliott by setting up at the Elliott Smith tribute wall in Silverlake, CA and performed a 10 song tribute set for fans who showed up with flowers and candles. Click here to watch a performance of 'No Name No. 5' from the set: Elliott Smith - No Name No.5 (Josh Bassett Cover)

Bassett working on music for upcoming horror film Muck!
WithanO Productions upcoming horror film 'Muck' features lots of Bassett sounds all over its gory visuals. Along with the team of Well Versed Productions, Bassett provided bits of original scoring, guitar/cello/vocals to many parts of the score, and 3 original songs on the soundtrack. Sound for the film was mixed at Universal Studios in the spring and a premier date will be announced soon!

Bassett working on new music releases!
Bassett has been busy in the lab working on lots of new music. The releases will take place in multiple forms, one being a new rocking full band that will launch under a band name (we will announce soon) and the other being a series of 3 Bassett EP's of mostly acoustic based music that will be released separately over a period of time.

Bassett Live!
Since the release of debut album 'Vanishing' Bassett has maintained a busy live show schedule performing nationwide at venue's in California, Arizona and New Jersey. Upcoming shows: Friday April 5th @ The Crest in La Crescenta, CA 9PM and Friday April 12th @ The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA 9PM

Full Feature Podcast Interview with!
Bassett recently sat down with the guys from for an in depth interview covering all things music, raw tales from east hollywood, snakeskin boots, transvestites and other fun topics! Features a Live in-studio solo acoustic performance of 'Bring Me Back Down' at the end of the interview! listen here

Bassett now using Orion Guitar Gear!
The amazing instrument straps from Orion Guitar Gear are keeping Bassett's guitars slung on stage and in the studio. These stylish straps are handmade in the USA in small quantities from high grade leather and materials, and are extremely comfortable to wear. visit for more info and to order your own Orion strap!

Bassett's debut album "Vanishing" is Available Now!
Ride with the ebb and flow of this vibrant debut release through a wide range of organic rock territory from honest acoustic confessions, to abstract electric angst. Misty layers of guitar interplay set the mood for stunning vocal melody and delivery. Available now on CD, iTunes, Amazon, and other major online stores!

Josh Bassett Vanishing - Amazon

"Bring Me Back Down" music video launch!
From the soundtrack to upcoming horror movie "Know Models Were Harmed", check out the daring music video for "Bring Me Back Down" directed by Steve Wolsh!


Welcome to the online home for rock recording artist Bassett!
Have a look around to check out music, videos, photos, and news! We send out a special thank you to all our Kickstarter backers: Norman Kennard, Jennifer Vollmann, Dena Hoffman, Shawn Mitchell, Phyllis Gegwich, Paul Gluckow, Nicole Curtin, Lenny Levy, Aetam Jakob, Marguerite Izzo, Michael Wolsh, Chris Maenner, Matthew Lurie, Patrick Younan, John and Pauline Crone, Mai Crone, Karen Lee, Ewa Jarochowski, Ken Strazzeri, Jeffrey Mast, Jeanne Albrecht, Joe Matunis, Amy Riker, Jacob Cox, Crystal Dawley, Patrick Choate, Olaf Jarochowski, Jena Layne, Andrew Finnerty, Eyal Shoham, Wit Jarochowski, Ken and Rosie Gluckow, Theresa Zumsteg, Justin Pacific, Kristen Cummins, John Gluckow, Meg Woodworth, Zach Per, Jessica Bassett, Michael Duran, Joe Karver, Jack and Monique Marter, Katie Woodworth, Aaron Sykes, Sue and Woody Woodworth, Jennifer Hewett, Ben Streiter, Donna Dellavalle, Milan, Tim Hartigan, Lauren Graham, Susan Charney-Moore, Marge Zylla, Lynden Slade, Frank Matunis, Andrew Benson, Paul Schmitz, Megan Matunis-Schaper, Tony D, Bob Weyhmuller, Uschi Becker, Angie Slade, Mary Jo Larsen, Trish Keeney, Liz Lane, Tom and Danielle Cartier, Michael Wolsh Jr, Eric Zumsteg, Kristin Lane, Annie, Luba Petrovich, Jim Wisner, Adam Wheeler, Sarah Stauffer, Lukasz Jarochowski, Bet Shaddinger, Maciej Wantusiak, Gary Gluckow, Rick Dill, Brian Murray, Gina Gibboni, Shannon Pallay, Kelly Keith, Steve Zumsteg, Mike and Cortes Storno, Lourdes and Bryan Vasquez, Alexis Cox, Paul Dawley, Jessica Celandine, Ashley Wallace, Jamie Hoagland, Debbie Jester

Culturally diverse, nomadic duo Bassett have always strayed from the beaten path. It is this chronic search for identity, peace and creative release that led them to the vast landscapes of the California desert, which served as inspiration for their newest EP Ghost Hwy.

Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Josh Bassett grew up a drummer and orchestral percussionist in a religiously mixed New Jersey family. A hunger to expand led him to pick up the guitar and pursue jazz studies at the University of Miami. Still feeling unsettled, Josh took his deepened musical knowledge and continued his odyssey West, first to San Francisco and then to LA where he began developing his singing and songwriting style while working as a session musician for hire. He was quick to pick up production and mixing techniques while observing engineers in the studio scene and it wasn't long before he was executing his own recordings.

Bassist Tak Ozaki grew up in Kobe, Japan and left for Dublin, Ireland where he learned English and toured Europe in his previous band. One tour led him to LA, where he crossed paths with kindred musical spirit Josh while playing the LA club scene. Since uniting, the duo has spent the majority of their bands life on the road. They have played extensively throughout the West, East and Midwest, fulfilling their dream of spreading deep, psychedelic musical vibrations while seeking out some of America's culinary gems along the way. Josh is more the starving artist type and Tak the more 'die hard foodie', the duo use their musical travels to also search out new and exotic outlets for their cravings and Ozaki even moonlights as a professional chef.

Their pilgrimages to Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas acted as springboard for their new, introspective and trance-like material which explores uncharted emotional territory. Josh, who was processing some dark personal history at the time, explains "I was going through a period of intense shyness so I wasn't cranking up the amps...I was tinkering on acoustic instruments and soul searching with my voice." Ghost Hwy is a far stretch from Bassett's debut, 2013's Vanishing, which brandished fierce and heavy Zeppelin-esque rock; their vintage riffs and wily vocals falling right in step with the mainstream rise of Kurt Vile and War on Drugs. But the boys of Bassett were never searching for a timely affiliation...They were in search of inner truth.

Loaded up on desert vibes, Bassett decamped back to their East Hollywood studio, which is situated in a building steeped in its own ghostly LA folklore. Known as Ed Woods Plan 9 Studio, because of its affiliation with the B movie mogul, the building later became an infamous jam spot which was frequented by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone and Jim Morrison in the 60's and Guns N' Roses in the 80's. "Weird characters and energy are caught in its vortex" Josh asserts. "One night I had a shotgun pulled on me. There was definitely a spooky vibe around the building and it crept into the music."

The resulting EP is filled with a depth and rawness that entices the listener into its strange sonic world. While Bassett's music still sits in the vintage psych vein a la Pink Floyd & Nick Drake, Ghost Hwy is harder to pin down with its uncommon chords and visceral balladry. "I often feel like an outcast" notes Josh. "Not just because our music doesn't click into a current genre but because we have always gone down our own road and that's what we offer...A genuine reflection of our journey through the human experience."

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